Monday, March 22, 2010

le weekend de emily

Friday night I painted and we watched made for TV movies on the floor. We listened to Vampire Weekend's new album with the windows open and drank tangerine juice and fell asleep on the couch. In the morning, since we heard it was 89 degrees in Palm Springs it was basically impossible not to drive down there. Traffic was terrible but it was worth it. There was a renaissance festival going on around town which was extremely hilarious. At the Ace they have these kind of "Moses" inspired capes and walking sticks in the rooms which worked out perfectly as a Renaissance costume to walk around in. We went really late though so it was mostly deserted but the king was still in his throne and there were dim outlines of elaborate costumes floating around the park. We then went to Lyon's English Grille, which turns out to be my favorite restaurant on earth, and housed a magician who toured with Liberace and invited us to the magic castle. He was 80 and his name was Marvin and I'm pretty sure he was an actual wizard. The rooms back at the hotel were cold and crisp, a perfect contrast to the heavy summer heat outside, and we played out by the pool till 2am when we ran in wet bathing suits to the big white bed. It was a nice weekend and a preview to the spring.


  1. I love your story!