Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Miracle Products

Sooooo Gala Darling does this thing where she posts products that have worked miracles for her, and I get really excited when she does it. So I thought I would post something like that also every now and then! Here are a few things I've found that are really really magical.

1. Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask

I love buying new conditioners, ever since I was in Jr. High and Herbal Esscences came out. Remember the old bottles with the see through floral print in back? Ahhh they were so cool. But anyways....this conditioner is the best I've ever found. It REALLY REALLY fixed my hair, helped it grow super fast and made it 100% prettier. Also it smells like you're on a beach in the summer.
It's a little expensive but it is totally worth it.

2. Morccan Oil Treatment

Also this little guy smells like a perfect summer night on the beach and makes your hair look perfectly soft and shiny. I sound like Elaine in Seinfeld trying to write product descriptions. Hahaha.

3. Multi + Daily Glow Vitamins

This is something that I learned of from Gala Darling. She was going on and on about how amazing these vitamins are, and she was right. They made my skin tone totally even and seriously made my skin glow. If you look up the product reviews for these on amazon they are ridiculous. You have to order them from Canada, but they come quickly.

Really they are magic.

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  1. seriously i was just talking about herbal essence old skool

    the rose one with the clear shampoo then opaque conditioner bottle

    hahah, but really i love and miss it