Monday, September 21, 2009

my little puppy

My little dog, Heather, who I have had since I was 10 had to be put to sleep today.
She was so sweet and loving. I will miss her very much.


  1. My dog's getting rather old as well, Our family has had her for 10 years now. Though I can't say I know how it feels, I can say I think I will find out far too soon.

    She was a beautiful little lady! (:

  2. she was! thank you :)

    isn't it so sad to watch animals grow old?
    not a fun part of life. :(

  3. i have never understood how the small percentage in size difference makes up for such a difference in our lifetimes.......... i send you the warmest hugs sweety

  4. I'm so sorry. She looks adorable.
    I love my dog more than anything so I can imagine how you feel. I'm sending you hugs<3

  5. I'm sorry to hear that. It must have been hard :(

  6. you just brought tears to my eyes, I'll never forget the sadness of losing my dog. so sad, but I bet she had the best life when she was with you, just remember the good stuff XXX