Saturday, May 21, 2011

London. Paris. South of France.

Just got internet access for the first time! Am having so much fun and taking lots of pictures. Wow you really need to speak French well to get around in's been interesting. Spent one night in London which was beautiful like a fairy tale, took the train to Paris and stayed at the Bel Ami Hotel and ate at the famous Cafe on the corner. Went to Laduree and had Macarons for breakfast. Took a train to Cannes and spotted ancient castles hiding in the hills as we went through the countryside.  This morning we walked to the festival and then had lunch at the Carlton, a ridiculously opulent hotel on the coast. I wore a polka dot bikini top and a tennis skirt and stared at all the women with dark tans and oversized diamonds. Tonight we are going to lay on the beach and watch Jane Fonda movies next to the ocean.


  1. litte bit jealous ;) wish you a really good time! have fun!

  2. um dream life! ha that's so awesome! ! ! take lots and lots of photos!