Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paris, tell me where to go.

Going to Paris in November!!! Please, please please tell me your favorite places/things to do there. :)  
Love, Em


  1. I'm going in November as well :)
    (my first time!)

    There's a wonderful little publication I read called Journal De Nîmes. Their French Issue included a magical illustrated city report of Paris with many out of the ordinary spots.

    I can't wait to check a few of them out myself!

    I'll be spending most of my stay in Rouen, but will be traveling to Paris for a few days to see a friend's band play and spend time with him :)

    I wish you well in your travels!

  2. Oops! Here's the link to the online issue of Journal De Nîmes!

  3. P.S. I am dying to purchase some French underpinnings :) Let me know if you hear of any cute boutiques? I also am trying to find out where the best pastries are!

    my e-mail:

  4. One more thing,
    (I'm sorry, but there's a lot I've been reading about!)

    I can't wait to visit a few of these locations as well:


  5. I loved the Moulin Rouge!! you must see a show! It is amazing, also a show at the Crazy Horse is a must as well!!! I know that at the Moulin, tickets are about $90 dollars or so and you get a bottle of champagne with it. :) have fun! xoxo

  6. i know not original at all: but every time I'm in Paris I have to spent at least 3 hours in Musée d'Orsay... :) Hope it helps haha :)

    fabulous blog btw!


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  7. really nice vintage in the Marais area, and Laduree bien sur!

  8. pere lachaise cemetery :)

  9. laduree - try the marie antoinette tea, and the salad with salami and yellow and green zucchini, and make sure to bring your camera

    the marais is awesome for shopping & pictures, too

  10. i haven't been myself, but hear amazing things about this store:

    the store includes her jewelry line as well as never-used vintage designer clothing....amazing.

  11. This site is marvellous for out-of-the way places...
    for shopping check out mamie and mamie blue for very nice vintage. Very tiny well-edited shops and the only other customer when I was there was Jarvis Cocker (he bought a turban). And you absolutely have to go to Shakespeare and Co. bookstore, it's a very nice place to meet fellow traveling bohemians and you can stay there for free if you are lucky!