Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Wild Summer List by Emily:

1.take a picnic with a boy (or girl) you like. make european snacks & lay on big soft blankets under a tree. bring your favorite books and read out loud from them. bring a record player and play Mama's and the Papa's. ...bring a flask of whiskey too....

2. Start letters to a pen pal in a foreign country, get glittery stickers and scented pens and write funny notes back and forth about your lives. - Side note: Neon Lisa Frank stickers are the best choice.

3. Sit out by the pool and do nothing/ aka dress up your dog in sunglasses and put him on a floatie. Get a tan, practice somersaults in the water, drink slushie lemonade on a striped towel. Side Note: Hawaiian tropic baby oil will do wonders for the skin.

4. Start a book list of books you want to read each week. (i,e: Sense & Sensibility, Watership Down, Confederacy of Dunces, ...will make a post about books to read next, not all depressing books i promise)

5. Buy these amazing celebration banners and hang them around the house. Find here: http://www.banterbanner.com/Banners_s/3.htm

4. Have a fancy, but funny, tea party with your girlfriends. Dress up in old victorian dresses and have everybody bring fancy sandwiches and drinks. Project movies on the wall such as Marie Antoinette or old movies like The Great Gatsby.

5. Buy puff paint and sharpies and custom-make your own shirts.

6. Volunteer at a tutoring center to help kids learn to write. 826 LA is an incredible organization and volunteering is relatively easy and very fun. http://www.826la.org/ (and it is hidden in the back of a "Time Travel Mart" that sells fake dinosaur eggs and time travel supplies.

7. Clean and organize your home and make a playlist to play while you're doing it.

8. Adopt a baby pet!!!! I want to do this but i live in a canyon of coyotes so probably not the smartest thing on earth.

9. Take a weekend vacation to an Ace Hotel. (Palm Springs, Portland, Seattle, New York).

10. Play "Grey Gardens" and learn the piano and choreograph dances and perform them in a showcase called "I'm Not Serious".

11. Try and write a children's book , draw out a little character like an alligator or a squirrel and give them a name and a story.

12. Have a bad movie marathon with a theme like "Mel Gibson". Make Mel Gibson themed snacks and have a photoshoot area set up according to the theme.

13. Try to walk instead of drive when going to the store or to eat/drink. (LA i know this wont work unless you live on Sunset and Marathon).

14. Go through all of your old magazines and tear out inspirational pictures, paste them in a scrapbook.

15. Have a garage sale and use the money for something specific (Going to disneyland). Once I made $1,000 just selling everything I didn't wear or use! *Beware you have to get up at 5am because people are crazy about garage sales....

16. Get a massage, facial at Arcona in Santa Monica. http://www.arcona.com/
Best place ever.

17. Take a road trip out of the blue and stay at bad motels all along the way. Stop at landmarks and take polaroids. Meet strangers at bars with no teeth.

18. Make your bed as pretty and as comfortable as you can. Put too many soft pillows and comforters on it, surround it with strings of white lights, pictures of your favorite things, songs written out on paper. Your dreams will be prettier.

19. Make new friends.

20. Learn to cook all-American meals, like twice baked potatoes and fried chicken. Have a dinner party with your friends that's 50's themed. Well I guess now it's obvious I am obsessed with "themes". ahhhha.




  1. I love your summer list of things to do..Amazing and also very creative and fun..Your blog is fantastic!!


  2. Thanks Jenae!!! Glad you liked them :)

  3. I want to do alllllll of these! Esp: Garage sale with you and Robb for a purpose, tea party, fried chicken, picnic with whiskey, oh and did you know that in 5th grade I had over 100 penpals around the world? That's what having no friends when you're homeschooled does to you.

  4. What an amazing list!!
    I'm def gonna try doing some of these!