Thursday, January 21, 2010

Caulfield Preparatory

Anybody who knows me well is aware of my obsession with Holden Caulfield, so you can imagine how excited I was to find out that somebody has taken the character to another creative level. The clothing line, Caulfield Preparatory (modeled by my friend Blake, one of our previous models at Wildfox) is a new men's line designed by Vincent Flumiani. It's available at American Rag, Odin and Revolve.


  1. J.D Salinger would be disgusted...this is everything the character Holden Caufield is against and it amazes me at how someone could be naive enough to do something like this.

    My comment is probably going to get deleted but, this is just my opinion and hopefully any true 'The Catcher in the Rye' fan will agree w/ me.

    Note: I have nothing against your blog but, seriously if you're "obsessed" w/ Holden Caufield you should know that a clothing line is far from what the character stands for.

  2. Wont delete your comment. I understand your point of view completely and agree with you 100% that JD Salinger would be disgusted (as he would about anything that the book inspired; movies, other books, etc). His cynicism is something that entertains me more than something I wish to duplicate to the level he does. I just think it's a nice looking line and the designer is simply having fun with a concept that inspires him. I'm not going to debate what makes a "true fan" of Catcher In The Rye because it really doesn't matter to me. I definitely don't think that this clothing line represents anything remotely affiliated with Holden Caulfield except the style of clothing worn at Preparatory school. I admire your argument and do agree with you. Was just light-heartedly sharing a nice new line a friend worked on

  3. Ok, The Catcher in the Rye is one of my favorite books but, I think anoynmous was a little harsh. I think this line was just meant to be 'prep-school cool' and embody the whole 'kicked-out-of-boarding-school' vibe. I think the designer was trying to create a design that sort of embodies that sort of attitude.

  4. It's great when people have the heart and motivation to go ahead with their dreams. Especially in clothing...