Wednesday, June 3, 2009

barbie summer

we here at wildfox are designing for summer 2010 at the moment. we are gettin realllly inspired by malibu barbie from the 80s/90s!!! give me some ideas of what you'd like on a hot pink summer shirt!!


  1. could we get a cute umbrella drink print???

    or large polka dots like song?? ;]

    and SHELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just got so excited from this post

  2. *the polka dot bikini song

    i have no idea why that got deleted

  3. flamingos, ice creams, the old bottle of coke, and how about sunglasses?
    or beautiful sandals,or rayban sunglasses,flowers and neon letters with frases like
    summertime, summer in the city, living in the sunshine, sunny honey or sth like that.

  4. Convertibles!!! Definitely keep up the cute "Wanna read my palm tree?" ha!

    I'd love to see a line inspired by drive-in movie theaters with boys and girls making out in the backseats and food delivered to your car and girls with ribbons in their hair!

    Keep up the amazing creativity!