Thursday, April 9, 2009

how cool is my uncle?

He lives in Africa and hunts down poachers. Once I went to stay with them and we camped on the Zambizi river and ate only pringles and took showers in the river water. An elephant came into our camp once and my Mom and I had to hide in the tent and make no noise, I remember it got so close i could hear it breathing. We survived.
During the afternoon we took the old Land Rover out and my cousin and I sat on the top listening to our cd players and driving fast through the brush. My Forest Gump cd (disc 2) flew off when I wasn't looking. Somewhere in the wilderness of Zambia there lies a very damaged Forest Gump Soundtrack.
Other things that happened:
We followed a group of lions for two days until they killed something. I video taped it.
Hyenas ate all our food and all we had left was boxed wine. I was 14.
I was awkward and I wore Roxy boardshorts the whole entire time.
Back at their home I learned that the water goes the opposite way down the drain in the sink. Also if you tapped the pictures on the wall huge furry spiders would scutter out and scare the hell out of me. Thank you god for my major fear of spiders. (too many legs).

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